SNAPSNAP Camera Strap


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The Camera Strap for Travelers

SNAPSNAP’s award-winning design rethinks how you carry your camera. Using magnetic clips, SNAPSNAP attaches to your backpack, counterbalancing both backpack and camera. This lets you carry your camera more comfortably and still shoot quickly.

Easy to Attach

SNAPSNAP’s magnetic clips easily attach to the shoulder straps of your backpack. Then you simply lift the camera strap up for it to securely snap onto the shoulder clips.

Comfortable to Carry

Most camera straps add extra strain to the neck or just one shoulder. SNAPSNAP counterbalances your camera with your backpack, allowing for even weight distribution across both shoulders and relieving your neck.

Quick Shooting

Your camera is always right there when you need it so you never miss a shot. Whenever you grab your camera to shoot, SNAPSNAP automatically detaches from your backpack.

Backpack Compatible

SNAPSNAP will work with most backpacks, including hiking packs and baby carriers.

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HELLO! - We are Carsten and Carina - the creators of SNAPSNAP

Carsten Hoffmann is the founder of SNAPSNAP. Based in Munich, Germany, he has a background in project management, product marketing and technical sales. As a frequent traveler he, has visited dozens of countries, and has lived and worked in three of them.

Carina Deuschl is the designer of SNAPSNAP. As a product designer based in Munich. She has won multiple design awards, including the Red Dot Award for SNAPSNAP. You can see more of her work at

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