Aaron is a versatile photographer whose passion and creativity is evident throughout his Portfolio.

An avid traveler, he beautifully captures the world around us with a particular focus on wildlife, landscapes, travel and culture. You can see more of Aaron’s work on Instagram and follow his journeys on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Special Supporters

Olaf Mischkovsky, a photo enthusiast (check out his blog) and our very first beta tester. Michael Piontek for his insightful PR consultation. Angela Heider-Willms, a journalist for DigitalPHOTO who first wrote about SNAPSNAP. Michael Pollmann, a professional photographer at Michael Pollmann Photography who helped share our story. Marcus Frame and Scott Keatinge for proofreading and feedback. Günter Hammerschall of Herr Hammerschall for his amazing leather work and advice on the SNAPSNAP strap. Stephan Paul Stuemer of Atelier Stuemer who made the product shots for our Red Dot Award application and made sure we made our deadline. Laura Breedveld for her social media coaching. IHK Munich for their amazing range of business services, including seminars about laws, taxes and everything to help start a business. Ingo Quendler who provides camera gear at EnjoyYourCamera and gave us some great advice.